Join us for an exceptional healing retreat in the Umbrian foothills, outside the medieval hill town of Gubbio, from June 15 – 25, 2017

This is not just a ten day “spa treatment” to make you feel better for the length of your stay.  We have developed a protocol (based in classical Chinese medical theory) that allows participants to shift life-long patterns and access new states of vitality in on-going and ever deepening ways.

We will share with you centuries-old maps for understanding how our bodies respond to the energetic shifts in our environments, and teach you how to regulate those shifts to experience greater health and happiness.

We have created a singular combination of time-honored techniques including:energy shifts

› Acupuncture treatment
› Body work
› Yoga instruction
› Reflective conversation
› Hand crafted nourishing meals
› Deep rapport with the five elements of the natural world

These ten days you spend in Italy will serve you for the rest of your life.

Rediscover the missing pages of the owner’s manual for life in a human body and reclaim the right to your own full potential.

Stay in a stunning, private Italian villa

Tenuta di Fassia, Gubbio, Italy
Tenuta di Fassia, Gubbio, Italy
Tenuta di Fassia, Gubbio, Italy


All rooms are private with en suite baths, and available in single or double occupancy

Tenuta di Fassia, Gubbio, Italy

The villa is located on the grounds of a historic family estate and biodynamic farm that includes three lakes and acres of surrounding woodlands

one of three lakes on the property
a guest house at Tenuta di Fassia
view from one of the hillsides at Tenuta di Fassia
one of three lakes on the property
roses growing on the side of a guest house at Tenuta di Fassia
one of the many peaceful space on the property

We will be served three gorgeously hand-crafted organic meals each day

including a special pasta of ancient millet wheat grown on the estate’s farm (the only alkaline cereal grain that’s free of gluten) as well as fresh fruits and vegetables, hand made breads made with organic home grown flours, lentils, soups, sprouts, salads.

Tenuta di Fassia, dining hall
farmers at Tenuta di Fassia
Tenuta di Fassia, bread maker
Tenuta di Fassia, wheat

Daily Schedule

  • Morning yoga instruction will be followed by a home-cooked breakfast.
  • After a break, there will be a morning session that includes activities such as acupuncture, bodywork and interactive exercises, drawing from practical wisdom honed over thousands of years by classical Chinese medicine practitioners.
  • After an artisanal lunch, participants will have free time for relaxation and self reflection in a stunning natural environment. Leisurely country walks can be enjoyed, exploring the three lakes and the flora and fauna of the protected woodlands that surround the estate.
  • Participants will reconvene for an early evening session in the studio where they will be guided through exercises to re-access the vital states they’ve experienced through bodywork, acupuncture and yoga during the day.
  • Each day will end with a sumptuous dinner. Participants are then free to linger over tea in the drawing room, take in the gentle evening air of early summer, or retire to their private suites.

Past program participants have dramatically addressed a broad range of health concerns


› weight reduction
› depression/anxiety
› chronic pain
› low energy levels
› metabolic and digestive disease
› poor sleep patterns
› long-standing auto-immune conditions
› low kidney function
› high blood pressure
› and a host of other issues effecting their physical and emotional well being

Your Healing Will Also Be a Gift for Someone Else

This extraordinary retreat center and functioning biodynamic farm is owned and operated by Piero Musini, whose family has lived on the land for generations. Piero’s own life has been deeply changed by his experience of the Tools for Transformation program. In appreciation for the ways TFT has changed his life, he would like to donate all of the proceeds from the retreat to help us create funding for the low-income individuals we work with in urban settings, so that they can have equal access to these same powerful tools. This means that the fee you pay for this retreat will also make it possible for economically challenged individuals to learn the same tools through our nonresidential trainings in the city.

Tenuta di Fassia, barn

We hope you’ll join us for this life changing adventure

$6,000 USD fee includes

› 60 hours of treatment and training in Tools for Transformation
› 11 nights accommodations in a private Italian villa
› Organic hand-crafted breakfast, lunch and dinner for your entire stay
› The knowledge that you are paying it forward to create opportunities for individuals who would otherwise never access these critical tools.


Participants are responsible for purchasing their own airfare and arranging transportation to Gubbio. We can help arrange transport from Gubbio to the Villa. Gubbio is approximately a two hour drive or train ride from Rome’s international airport. Alternately flights are available into the airport in Perugia,  a smaller airport about half an hour from Gubbio. 

Thank you,
Gregory Sax



Tenuta di Fassia, Gubbio, Italy

Take the next step to begin this unique journey

This special opportunity is limited to 10 individuals to guarantee an exceptional level of individualized attention. If you are interested, please contact us immediately and we’ll send you more information and an application.

Italy Retreat
Retreat Facilitated By Gregory Sax

Gregory SaxGreg has spent decades exploring systems of transformation. He excels at incorporating the insights of both the healing and the creative arts. His formal education includes a Bachelor of Arts in semiotics from Brown University, a Master of Fine Arts in directing film from UCLA and a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine from the National University of Natural Medicine. Greg is a licensed acupuncturist and has more than 20 years of experience facilitating dynamic group educational experiences in both the creative and the healing arts at such respected institutions as UCLA, UC San Francisco, UC Santa Cruz, and the National University of Natural Medicine. Greg has trained and taught in classical lineages of internal cultivation for more than 25 years. He is a longtime student of Shadow Yoga founder Shandor Remete, and is one of only five non-Chinese nationals to be accepted as a formal disciple of Qi Gong and Taoist healing master Wang Qingyu. Greg is a faculty member at the National University of Natural Medicine, and lectures internationally on Chinese medicine as a tool for transformation.

Tools for Transformation was developed over a four-year period by Gregory Sax as a research project at the Helfgott Research Institute. The goal was to discover the most effective model for creating health. For more information visit

Now more than ever we need tools for

Staying present and connected
Soothing our nervous systems and strengthening our bodies
Transforming stuck, volatile emotions into vital, productive energy
Recognizing how our energetic experiences directly affect our physical bodies